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Open Positions

Join the Lab: Open Positions

Full-Time Research Assistant & Research Associate

We are seeking two Research Assistants and one Research Associate to join our inter-disciplinary projects in the Science of Learning in emerging skills (literacy and numeracy) and cognitive development. Our multi-modal approaches include neuroimaging meta-analysis, behavioral assessment, and brain imaging with MRI and fNIRS. Candidates who have experience in educational neuroscience and neuroimaging research in child development are strongly encouraged to apply. Check out the links below for more information.

1. Research Associate in BrainNORM Project

Part-Time Student Assistants Needed!

The Learning Brain Lab, led by Dr. Wu Chiao-Yi, is seeking to hire part-time student assistants ($12/hour) to assist in our neuroimaging studies. We strive to understand how cognitive neuroscience can be applied to education to optimize learning. You will be part of an inter-disciplinary team who apply multi-modal approaches, including neuroimaging meta-analyses, behavioural assessments, intervention, and brain imaging techniques such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to investigate the neurocognitive mechanisms of literacy, numeracy, and bilingual development.

Students who share our passion in deciphering the enigma of the brain with interests in science of learning are strongly encouraged to apply.

Job Scope
Depending on the study you are assisting with, you might be involved in some of the following activities:

  • Assist with participant recruitment

  • Assist with data collection including behavioural assessments, training, and MRI scanning

  • Assist with data coding, maintenance, and preprocessing

  • Assist with systematic literature search, screening, coding, and neuroimaging meta-analyses

  • Other activities that support the research studies


  • You must be a current student at Nanyang Technological University

  • Self-directed learner and eager to learn about science of learning and advanced neuroimaging research

  • Ability to work on some weekends for data collection

  • Experience or interests in working with young children

  • Prior experience with conducting behavioural experiments in neuropsychology or cognitive psychology, or conducting neuroimaging experiments is an advantage


If you are interested in this job posting, please contact Principal Investigator, Dr. Wu Chiao-Yi (

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