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Welcome to
The Learning Brain Lab

Founded in 2020
Centre for Research in Child Development
National Institute of Education
Nanyang Technological University

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About the Lab

Our team in the Learning Brain Lab seeks to understand how cognitive neuroscience can be applied to education to optimize learning. We use multimodal methods including behavioral assessment and neuroimaging techniques (magnetic resonance imaging, functional near infrared spectroscopy) to investigate the neurocognitive mechanisms underlying learning. Taking the science of learning approach, we examine the neural, cognitive, and environmental contributors to successful and impaired learning. The lab currently focuses on bilingual and biliteracy development, as well as numeracy attainment. With the neuroscience-informed evidence, we aim to develop targeted intervention to enhance learning outcomes.

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Research Projects


Meta-Analyses of the Neural Networks for Reading, Math, and Executive Function in Development


Promoting Effective Biliteracy and Bilingual Development in Early Childhood


Investigating Bilingual Reading Networks

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Meet Our Team


Chiao-Yi Wu, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator
Lecturer | Education Research Scientist

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Current Members


Michelle Li-Mei Yap

Research Assistant


Chua Wei Ting Serena

Research Assistant


Reena Rae Woon Teo

Research Assistant


Xavier Lim

Student Research Assistant

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We are on Instagram!

November 2022

We share our research projects as well as knowledge about learning and brain development on our Instagram page. If you would like to receive updates from the Learning Brain Lab, follow us on Instagram!

Featured Publications and Presentations

Meta-Analysis of Neural Networks for Reading, Math, and Working Memory in School-Age Children

Wu C.-Y., Lin XW, Chen S.H.A.

Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (Virtual, 2021)

The Impact of Script Sets on the Functional Organization of Bilinguals’ Reading Network

Wu C.-Y., O’Brien B.A., Lin H.-Y., Ilang Kumaran Y., Yeo M.C.L., Rapp B., McCloskey M., Oishi K., Desmond J., & Chen S.H.A.

Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (Virtual, 2020)

The Impact of Bilingualism on Skills Development and Education

Wu C.-Y., O’Brien B.A., Styles S.J., & Chen S.H.A.

In S. C. Tan & S. H. A. Chen (Eds.), Transforming Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. Springer Nature Singapore (2020)

Universal neural basis of structure building evidenced by network modulations emerging from Broca's area: The case of Chinese

Wu C.-Y., Zaccarella E., & Friederici A.D. 

Human Brain Mapping (2019)

Preschoolers’ Brains Rely on Semantic Cues Prior to the Mastery of Syntax during Sentence Comprehension

Wu C.-Y., Vissiennon K., Friederici A.D., & Brauer J.

NeuroImage (2016)

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Contact Us

1 Nanyang Walk 
National Institute of Education 
Nanyang Technological University 
Centre for Research in Child Development 
Block 5, Level B3
Singapore 637616

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